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Editing Your Directory Information

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This document details how to edit your directory information. These are some of the items you can manually edit in your directory listing:

  • Capitalization correction for your official name
  • Your common names
  • Your display name
  • The address to your personal web page


Changing Your Directory Information


1. Go to Click Directory Entry.


2. Log in using your NetID and your NetID password.


Directory Information Options

  • Display name: Edit this field to change the name that is displayed when someone searches for you in the directory. When you edit this field, you can select either from the common names you have entered in the "Common Names" field which is explained next, or you can choose either your official name or (none) if you do not want a display name to be listed.
  • Common names: Edit this field to create new or delete old common names. All of these names can be used by other individuals to search for you in the directory. By default your official name is listed as a common name. When you edit this field, enter a new common name into the box and then press Enter to go to a new line to add another common name.
  • Personal Web page: Edit this field to create a link to your personal web page, so that people viewing your directory information can see this address.

Note: When editing information, click the Save button to save the changes or the Cancel button to clear the changes. You can click View Directory Entry to see what information is displayed in your official directory entry. Once you have made all of the desired changes to your directory listing, remember to click the Log Out button.

Information on setting up your listed email address can be found here.

Information on suppressing your information so that it does not appear in the directory can be found here.

If you have any further questions, please email or call us at 979.845.8300.

Document ID 775
September 26, 2013
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