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Setting Up Your Forwarding Address

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"" is a forwarding address. When email is sent to you at "", we can forward it to an on-campus email box (Texas A&M Email or departmental email box), or an off-campus email box (Yahoo!, Gmail, etc.). Forwarding privileges for students expire two years after leaving the university. Employee forwarding privileges expire immediately upon leaving the university.

In addition to your, you can also have up to two email aliases. These email aliases can be used as published email addresses just like your NetID. Email aliases can not be used to log into services. You must use your NetID to authenticate.


Setting Up An Additional Email Forwarding Address And Choosing Your Published Email Address


1. Go to and click EMAIL SETTINGS [fig. 01].

Email settings tab

[fig. 01 - Email Settings Tab]


2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the section named Additional Forwarding Email Address(es). You can have up to two email forwarding address in addition to your NetID. To create a new forwarding address, simply type your desired address into the box before the and then click ADD. If you do not see any blanks before and instead see two email addresses in this section, you have already defined both of your email forwarding addresses. To create a new one, you will need to click DELETE next to one of the existing addresses and then choose a new one [fig. 02].

Adding a forwarding address

[fig. 02 - Adding a Forwarding Address]


3. You should receive a green box letting you know that your new forwarding address has been created. If the forwarding address you entered is already in use by someone else, you will see a message saying "Already in use, please choose another." Once you have gotten the green approval box, click on EDIT ABOVE INFORMATION to return to the email settings page [fig. 03].

Confirmation screen

[fig. 03 - Confirmation Screen]


4. At the top of the email settings page you will see the heading Published Email Address. Under this heading you will see your as well as any forwarding addresses you have set up. Click the button next to the address you wish to appear in the directory, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on SAVE. This will set your published email address [fig. 04].

Choosing a published email address

[fig. 04 - Choosing a Published Email Address]


Setting Up Forwarding For Your Published Email Address


1. Go to and click EMAIL SETTINGS [fig. 05].

Email Settings

[fig. 05 - Edit your Directory Information]


2. Log in with your NetID and your NetID password [fig. 06].

NetID Login

[fig. 06 - Login with NetID and Password


3. Select Forwarded to and enter your new, non-Texas A&M Email address (Yahoo!, Gmail, etc.). Now, when email is sent to you at "", it will be forwarded to this address [fig. 07].

Email forwarding information

[fig. 07 - Edit Forwarding Information]


5. Click Save.

If you have any further questions, please email or call us at 979.845.8300.

Document ID 885
September 4, 2014
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