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Syncing Texas A&M Email (Neo) Contacts with Thunderbird

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Please note: TAMU Email on Zimbra is being discontinued in Fall 2014. Consider setting up Google Apps at Texas A&M instead.


The add-on required for syncing your Texas A&M Email (Neo) contacts is called Zindus. Zindus is an open-source Google and Zimbra contact sync addon for Thunderbird. As such, it is not affiliated with Zimbra (the company responsible for Texas A&M Email [Neo]), the Thunderbird development team, or Texas A&M University.


Downloading and Configuring Zindus Thunderbird Add-on

Note: This documentation was done using Thunderbird 5.0, which can be downloaded here.


The following information is needed to download and configure Zindus Thunderbird Add-ons:

  • Server URL: https://neo.tamu.edu
  • Email Address: YourNetID@neo.tamu.edu
  • Password: Your NetID Password

1. The Zindus add-on is found at http://www.zindus.com/download-extension/. The most recent release, 0.8.36 or later, should work with our e-mail server.


2. Download the XPI file to a location you will remember (eg. the Desktop, Downloads).


3. Open Thunderbird, go to the Tools menu, choose Add-ons [fig. 01].

Thunderbird Tools Menu

 [fig. 01 - Thunderbird Tools Menu]


4. You should now be on the "Add-ons Manager" tab; if not, click the "Add-ons Manager" tab next to your "NetID@neo.tamu.edu" tab.


5. Click the Gear next to the Search box and select Install Add-on From File... [fig. 02].

Thunderbird Add-ons Menu

[fig. 02 - Thunderbird Add-ons Menu]


6. Navigate to the location where you saved the Zindus file, and click the Open button [fig. 03].

Selecting XPI File

[fig. 03 - Selecting XPI File]


7. Click the Install Now button [fig. 04].

Installing the Add-on

[fig. 04 - Installing the Add-on]


8. After the add-on installs, you will need to restart Thunderbird, by clicking the Restart Now link in the Extensions section.


9. Once Thunderbird is open again, go to the Tools menu, and choose Zindus [fig. 05].

Zindus in Thunderbird Tools Menu

[fig. 05 - Zindus in Thunderbird Tools Menu]


10. The "Zindus Configuration Settings" window should appear, uncheck Auto Sync and Verbose Logging [fig. 06].

Zindus Configuration Settings Window

[fig. 06 - Zindus Configuration Settings Window]


11. Click the Add button and the "New Account" window should appear and use the settings below [fig. 07].

  • Sync With: Zimbra
  • Server URL: https://neo.tamu.edu
  • Email Address: YourNetID@neo.tamu.edu
  • Password: Your NetID Password
  • Global Address List (GAL): No

New Account Window

[fig. 07 - New Account Window]


12. Click the Test Connection button to make sure your "Email Address" and "Password" are correct.


13. If you did not receive any errors, click OK to save this account.


14. Click the Sync Now button. Once it finishes, the Address Book from your TAMU Email account should be downloaded into Thunderbird.


15. Click the Address Book button, and any e-mail addresses Zindus retrieved will be located in the Personal Address Book and zindus/Emailed Contacts Address Books [fig. 08].

Thunderbird Address Book

[fig. 08 - Thunderbird Address Book]


16. If you encounter any errors with this, please refer to the Zindus FAQ page, at http://www.zindus.com/faq-thunderbird/

If you have any further questions, please email helpdesk@tamu.edu or call us at 979.845.8300.

Document ID 846
June 25, 2014
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