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Importing Email Signing Certificate - Windows

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Before a personal email signing certificate can be used by an email program, it must be installed in the operating system's certificate manager. For Windows 7, this is the Certificate Store.


Installing An Email Signing Certificate In Windows 7

1. Go to your system's default download location. You should see a file with the name "NetID_at_domain" that matches the email address for which you requested a signing certificate. Double-click this file [fig. 01].

Certificate in downloads folder

[fig. 01 - Certificate in Downloads Folder]


2. This will open the "Certificate Import Wizard". Click Next [fig. 02].

Certificate Import Wizard

[fig. 02 - Certificate Import Wizard]


3. The wizard will ask you to specify the file you want to import. The location of the file should be automatically entered in the File name: blank. If it is not, click on Browse... and choose the file manually. Click Next [fig. 03].

Selecting certificate file

[fig. 03 - Selecting Certificate File]


4. The import wizard will now ask for the password for your certificate. This is the password displayed to you on Step 7 of the Email Signing Certificate Requests documentation. In the check boxes below, make sure that "Enable strong private key protection" is unchecked. Otherwise, you will be prompted every time your email client tries to use your signing certificate. Make sure to place a check mark next to "Mark this key as exportable" so that you can create a backup of your certificate or transport it to a new computer in the future. Make sure that "Include all extended properties" is checked as well. Click Next [fig. 04].

Enter certificate password

[fig. 04 - Enter Certificate Password]


5. The next screen will ask where you want to store your certificate. Leave "Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate" selected. Click Next [fig. 05].

Choosing certificate store location

[fig. 05 - Choosing Certificate Store Location]


6. You will now see a summary of the Certificate Import Wizard's tasks, including the selected certificate store, the content type of the certificate, and the file name and path of the certificate you are importing. Click Next [fig. 06].

Certificate Import Wizard summary

[fig. 06 - Certificate Import Wizard Summary]


7. The Certificate Import Wizard will now import the certificate into the appropriate certificate store and display an import successful message [fig. 07].

Import successful

[fig. 07 - Import Successful]


8. Your personal email signing certificate will now be available for you to use with your preferred email client.

If you have any further questions, please email or call us at 979.845.8300.

Document ID 122
September 23, 2013
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