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Changing Listserv Ownership

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A common use of the Listserv management page is to change ownership of a mailing list from one person to the next. This set of documentation is designed to help Listserv list owners make the change of ownership efficiently. While this is a fairly straightforward process, there are steps involved which require action from both the old and new owners of the Listserv list.

Note: If the old owner of the list is not able to go through the steps listed below (due to graduation, change of employment, etc.), call Help Desk Central at 979.845.8300. When contacting HDC, please include the name of the list you need help with as well as the name (or names) of the previous list owners.


To be Completed by the Old Owner

The following information is needed to manage your Listserv as the old owner:

  • Email Address: Your Listserv email

  • Password: Your Listserv password


1. Go to and click the Manage Your Lists link.


2. Log in using your Listserv email (the address you use as the owner of the Listserv list) and your Listserv password.

Note: If you do not remember your Listserv password, click the Change Password link and follow the directions.


3. Select Configure for the list for which you wish to change the ownership. Click List Maintenance tab.


4. In the textbox on the resulting page next to "Owner =", you will see the current owners of your Listserv list. For example: "old-owner@email.address firstname lastname". This line indicates the current owner's email address and their first and last names. Immediately below this line, add an identical line, substituting the new owner's information. Spacing is important in this line. There should be a space before each of the first and last names. For example: new-owner@email.address firstname lastname.


5. Click Save to make this addition.


6. Close the browser. This will clear any cookies from your browser's cache and, if you are using the same computer, allow the new list owner to log in with their own account.


To be Completed by the New Owner


1. Follow the steps 1 through 4 above.

Note: If you do not have a Listserv password, click Change Password and follow the directions.


2. In the "List Maintenance" tab, delete the Owner = line which contains the old owner's email address. Also look for any other lines (such as "Editor =") that contain the old owner's information and change them to the new owner's information.


3. Click the button marked Save to save these changes.


4. Close the browser.

If you have any further questions, please email or call us at 979.845.8300.

Document ID 608
June 28, 2014
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