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How to Forward an Email from eLearning to Your Mailbox

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Elearning has a feature that allows students to forward emails from the inbox in eLearning to a personal, external, email inbox. This is a convenient option for students who wish to be able to check their eLearning mail without having to go through eLearning itself.

Note: Students will need to reply to emails from the eLearning interface. There is currently no way to send email to an eLearning address from outside of eLearning.


1.  Log in to with your NetID and your NetID password.


2.  After logging into eLearning, select My Settings at the top-right corner of the page [fig. 01].

Location of My Settings at the top right of page.

[fig. 01 - My Settings Button]


3. Under the "My Profile" menu, click Edit Profile [fig. 02].

My Profile -> Edit Profile

[fig. 02 - Edit Profile]


4. Type your email in the "E-mail:" field, then click Save [fig. 03].

Entering your Email Aderss

[fig. 03 - Entering Your Email Address]


5. Click the My Tool Options tab [fig. 04].

My Tool Options

[fig. 04 - My Tool Options]


6. Scroll down the page and check Mail Forwarding. Then click Save at the bottom of the page [fig. 05].

Forwarding Email

[fig. 05 - Forwarding Email]


7. Your emails should now be forwarded to the specified address.

If you have any further questions, please email or call us at 979.845.8300.

Document ID 927
August 20, 2014
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