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Instructions for Texas A&M Email (Neo) Account Deletion Candidates

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When students leave the University, it is customary that their Texas A&M Email (Neo) accounts expire after a certain grace period.

For students who graduated in May 2014 or earlier, Texas A&M Email (Neo) services (in the form of the e-mail address) are available for 6 months after graduation or departure and the NetID and forwarding services are available for 2 years. For International Students, these forwarding services are available for 3 years.



If you have been notified that all or part of your Texas A&M Email (Neo) account services are candidates for deletion, you may need to modify your email forwarding options, archive old email, or obtain a new email address. Click the links below to find out how.


Changing Email Forwarding

Even after losing access to your Texas A&M (Neo) inbox, you can still have emails addressed to forwarded to another email address. Please keep in mind this option means you will no longer have access to your e-mail, in other words any emails addressed to To forward your emails, simply log in to Gateway and update your forwarding settings under the Email Settings tab.

If your Texas A&M Email (Neo) account and your NetID are being deleted (both and addresses), email forwarding services will not be available to you.


Archiving Old Email

If you still have access to your Texas A&M (Neo) inbox, you can archive the emails stored there. You have several options for doing so:

  • If you have just a few messages to keep and you have an email address active through an online service (like GMail or Yahoo!), you may forward these messages by hand.

  • If you would like to download all of your messages to your computer and access them with an email client like Outlook Express or Thunderbird, you may setup a POP account to move your messages from the server and store them locally.

  • If you wish to use a web browser to export many messages at once, you may follow these instructions to have a zip file of your emails stored on your device: Click Here.

Google Apps at Texas A&M

In June 2014, Texas A&M Gmail will replace the current email system for students. This service will allow students access to, among other services, Google Drive and Google Calendar. A Gmail account has already been provisioned for students who will graduate after May 2014. Former students who choose to migrate their Neo email account to Gmail will retain access to this email inbox for the first 2 years after leaving the university. Additional information on the Gmail accounts, and how to set them up, can be found here

Please note that this option is not available to students who graduated prior to August 2014

If you have any further questions, please email or call us at 979.845.8300.

Document ID 708
July 4, 2014
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