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Resetting a Forgotten NetID Password

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If you forgot your NetID password or allowed it to expire, you need to reset your password. The Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) system allows you to reset your password by sending a temporary access code to your mobile phone or non-Texas A&M email address. To use SSPR, you must have already provided your mobile phone number or alternate email address.

If you have not provided this information, you must call Help Desk Central at 979.845.8300. You must then answer several security questions to verify your identity. After your identity is verified, Help Desk Central will walk you through the process of setting a new password. To reset your password using either of these methods, visit and click the “Forgot your Password” link. [fig. 01].


Resetting your Forgotten Password

Using the Self-Service Password Reset system (preferred method)

Using the Assisted Password Reset service


Option 1: Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

If you currently don’t know your password, you must have already provided your mobile phone number or alternate email address to use SSPR. If you already provided this information, proceed to the steps below. To learn how to set up SSPR, visit Setting up SSPR.


The following information is needed to set up SSPR:

  • UIN: Your UIN (no dashes)
  • Date of Birth: Your Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)


1. On the "Aggie Account Gateway" homepage select Forgot your Password? [fig. 01].

 Fig. 01

[fig. 01 - Aggie Account Gateway]


2. Enter your UIN (no dashes) and date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY). Click Log In [fig. 02].

Fig. 02 

 [fig. 02 - UIN And DOB]


3. Select whether you want the temporary access code sent to your alternate email address or mobile phone number. This code is NOT your new NetID password, but it will be used to reset your new password [fig. 03].

 Fig. 03

[fig. 03 - Temporary Access Code Destination]


4. You will now be taken to a webpage where you must enter the access code. DO NOT LEAVE THIS SCREEN. Enter the access code in the field and click Log In. The access code will expire in 12 hours. If you wait more than 12 hours to enter the access code, you will need to request a new one (go back to step 1) [fig. 04]. 

Fig. 04

[fig. 04 - Access Code Screen]


5. Enter and confirm your new NetID password. Your new password must not be previously used and must comply with NetID password rules [fig. 05].

 Fig. 05

[fig. 05 - New Password Screen]


6. Click Submit.


Option 2: Assisted Password Reset (Over the Phone)

If you have not set up Self-Service Password Reset, you must use the Assisted Password Reset service. For security reasons, Assisted Password Reset can only be used over the phone and not via email.

Note: If you are a parent/guardian who has forgotten their password to log in to the Howdy web portal, please see Forgot my NetID Password as a Parent to Access Howdy.


The following information is needed to set up SSPR:

  • UIN: Your UIN (no dashes)
  • Date of Birth: Your Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)


1. Call Help Desk Central at 979-845-8300. HDC will mark your account for password reset. HDC is available for password reset assistance 24 hours a day.


2. Go to and click Forgot your Password.


3. Enter your UIN and Date of Birth. Click Log In.


4. Select Neither of these options work for me. I need to speak to someone for assistance.


5. Enter the "Temporary Access Code" given to you by the Help Desk Consultant.


6. Enter and confirm your new NetID password. Your password must meet the NetID password rules.


7. Provide a Non-Texas A&M email address or your mobile phone number to set up Self-Service Password Reset. This information will be used to reset your password if you forget it again.


What if I am out of the country and unable to call Help Desk Central?

If you are out of the country and unable to call Help Desk Central, email your NetID password reset request to Explain that you are out of the country and unable to call. You must include a phone number (or Skype username) and best time for Help Desk to contact you (Central Standard Time). If you are uncertain what the time zone difference is, you can use the converter at You can use "U.S.A. - Texas - Houston" to represent Central Standard Time.

Note: After you have your NetID marked for a password reset, you still need to reset your NetID password. Be sure to do this before 5:00 AM or 5:00 PM Central Standard Time, whichever arrives earlier after your NetID is marked. NetID password reset marks are removed daily at those times. If you do not reset your password before that time, you will have to contact Help Desk Central again to get your NetID marked.

If you have any further questions, please email or call us at 979.845.8300.

Document ID 650
October 2, 2013
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