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TAMU Cable Modem

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Computing & Information Services is now offering Internet access via cable modems. This new service is only available in the University Owned Apartments. This document addresses some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this service.



In addition to the cable modem service, there are a few requirements before you can take advantage of this access. First, you are responsible for purchasing the cable modem. The latest Motorola models are recommended for their demonstrated performance and connectivity. Although some models support both Ethernet and USB protocols, CIS currently supports only the Ethernet interface. For this, you will also require an Ethernet card. These should be available in any computer supply store that carries cable modems.

Note: You will also need to know your NetID and Neo password.


Network Card Installation

If you require assistance installing your Ethernet card, call Help Desk Central. Help Desk Central offers 24 hour phone support, and hands on support at their front counter between 8am and midnight.

Note: Help Desk Central can also install your Ethernet card.


Setting Up Your Cable Modem

Three connections must be made in order to setup your cable modem.


1. Connect your cable modem to your cable outlet.

Using coaxial cable (like the cable that connects your TV to your VCR), connect your cable modem to the cable wall outlet. It is recommended that you connect the modem to its own cable outlet instead of using a splitter to connect both your TV and modem to the same outlet. Confirm that the cable indicator on your cable modem is lit.


2. Connect your cable modem to an electrical socket.

Connect your cable modem to an electrical socket. Either the wall outlet or a power strip is acceptable.  Confirm that the power and cable indicators on your your cable modem are lit.


3. Connect your cable modem to your computer.

Connect your cable modem to your computer's Ethernet card. When both are powered on, confirm that the PC indicator on your cable modem is lit.



Once you have successfully connected your cable modem and computer, you should be ready to register for network access. Open a browser on your computer (e.g., Internet Explorer or Firefox). The first page you see should be the registration page. Enter your NetID and your Neo password. Answer the questions on each page. After you have completed the registration process, reboot your machine. You should now have Internet access.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of Cable Modem Service?

Cable modems allow you to maintain a persistent connection to the Internet. You will enjoy a higher connection speed and more reliable service than with standard phone modems.


Do I need to leave my Cable Modem on even why my computer is off?

No. Your cable modem can be turned on and off with your computer. Your cable modem need only be on when you want a connection to the Internet; however, leaving your cable modem on all of the time will do no harm.


My Cable indicator blinks continuously. Is there a problem?

This could indicate either a problem with your cable modem itself or a disruption in service. If rebooting the cable modem does not work and you have checked your cable connection, call Help Desk Central to report the problem.


May I setup my own wireless access point?

No, the Texas A&M ResNet Wireless Policy applies to the University Owned Apartments network. This policy states:

Unapproved attachment of wireless access points is strictly prohibited in Texas A&M University Owned Apartments. These devices cause major disruptions and security risks in the complex and cause outages for fellow students. Any access point found active in the complex will result in the disabling of the associated cable modem.


Are there any models of cable modem that are not supported?

Yes. Currently, unsupported models include:

  • D-Link DCM200

  • Dynex brand modems

  • All wireless models

If you have any further questions, please email or call us at 979.845.8300.

Document ID 168
October 2, 2013
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