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Connecting Ubuntu To TAMULink-WPA

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TAMULink, a service of Texas A&M Information Technology, is Texas A&M's campus wireless network that provides Internet and network access on the go. TAMULink primarily uses Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) for greater security and easier access for Texas A&M faculty, staff, and students. This documentation will show you how to configure Ubuntu in order to connect to the TAMULink-WPA wireless network. These directions were created with Ubuntu 11.10, but the process has not changed among newer versions of Ubuntu.


1. With your wireless radio turned on, click on the network icon at the top right of your screen. In the pull-down menu that appears, select tamulink-wpa in the section that shows the available wireless networks [fig. 01].

[fig. 1 - Network Icon -> Tamulink-wpa]

[fig. 01 - Choose TAMULink-wpa]


2. A prompt requesting information necessary to connect to "tamulink-wpa" should appear. The following settings are currently necessary to connect to the TAMULink-WPA network [fig 02].

  • Wireless Security: WPA & WPA2 Enterprise

  • Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP)

  • Anonymous Identity: _______

  • CA Certificate: AddTrust_External_Root.pem (Can usually be found in /etc/ssl/certs)

  • PEAP version: Version 0 or Auto

  • Inner Authentication: MSCHAPv2

  • Username: Your NetID

  • Password: Your NetID Password

[fig. 2 - Configuring the Tamulink-WPA connection]

[fig. 02 - Configuring the TAMULink-WPA Connection]


3. If all is well and you were able to connect, you should see the signal strength of the access point you are connected to in the icon at the top right of your screen. You may also get a notification indicating that the connection was established [fig. 03].

[fig. 3 - Connection Established]

[fig. 03 - Connection Established]


4. If you have already attempted to connect to TAMULink-WPA in the past or if you need to change any settings that may no longer be valid (commonly, the certificate) you can do so by clicking on the Network Icon and clicking on Edit Connections... [fig. 04]

[fig. 4 - Network Icon -> Edit Connections...]

[fig. 04 - Choose Edit Connections...]


5. Once "Network Connections" is open, go to the "Wireless tab," then select the entry for tamulink-wpa and select Edit... [fig. 05].

[fig. 5 - Editing previously configured connection]

[fig. 05 - Edit Previously Configured Connection]


6. The following settings are currently necessary to connect to the TAMULink-WPA wireless network [fig. 06].

[fig. 6 - Editing previously configured tamulink-wpa connection]

[fig. 06 - Editing Previously Configured TAMULink-WPA Connection]

If you have any further questions, please email or call us at 979.845.8300.

Document ID 1255
February 9, 2015
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