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tamulink-WPA for iPhone and iPod Touch

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There are two different methods available to connect to the tamulink-wpa wireless network on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The first method is to allow your iPhone or iPod Touch to automatically configure the tamulink-wpa profile by clicking the provided link on your device. The second method is to connect manually to tamulink-wpa through Settings on your device.  Follow the appropriate instructions for your desired action.

Both of these methods will allow you to connect to the tamulink-wpa when the network is in range and available as long as you possess an active NetID and NetID password.

The following information is needed to set up tamulink-wpa wireless network on your iPhone or iPod Touch:

  • iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Username: Your NetID
  • Password: Your NetID password

Method 1: Automatically Connecting to tamulink-wpa

To automatically configure tamulink-wpa, click here using Safari on your mobile device and do the following:


1. After following the link above, you will be presented with an "Install Profile" screen. Click Install [fig. 01].

Install Profile

[fig. 01 - Install Profile Screen]


2. You will now be prompted with an "Install Profile" task box. Click Install Now [fig. 02].

Install Now

[fig. 02 - Install Profile Now]


3. You will now be asked to "Enter Username". Enter your NetID. Click Next [fig. 03].


[fig. 03 - Entering Username]


4. You will now be asked to "Enter Password". Enter your NetID password. Click Next [fig. 04].


[fig. 04 - Entering Password]


5. You will now see the "Profile Installed" screen with the verified TAMU tamulink-wpa profile. Click Done and you have connected successfully to tamulink-wpa [fig. 05].


[fig. 05 - Profile Installed]


Method 2: Manually Connecting to tamulink-wpa

1. Click the Settings button on your iPhone's home screen to go to the "Settings" menu [fig. 06].

Home Screen

[fig. 06 - Settings]

2. You will be presented with the "Settings" menu. Click Wi-Fi [fig. 07].


[fig. 07 - Wi-Fi Options]

3. You will now be presented with the "Wi-Fi" menu. Make sure your Wi-Fi is switched On. You will now see a list of available network choices. Click tamulink-wpa (NOT tamulink-guest) [fig. 08].

WiFi Network

[fig. 08 - tamulink-wpa Network]

4. You will now be asked to "Enter Password" [fig. 09].

Enter Info

[fig. 09 - Enter Password]

5. Enter your NetID and your NetID password. Click Join in the upper right of the screen [fig. 10].

Entered Info

[fig. 10 - Entering Information]

6. You will now be presented with a "Certificate" screen Click Accept [fig. 11].


[fig. 11 - Accpeting Certificate]

7. You have now manually connected to tamulink-wpa. To verify your connection, look for a check mark next to "tamulink-wpa" under the list of available connections [fig. 12].

Verify Connection

[fig. 12 - Connection Verification]

If you have any further questions, please email helpdesk@tamu.edu or call us at 979-845-8300.

Document ID 878
March 31, 2013
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