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TAMULink-WPA for Windows Vista

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TAMULink-WPA is a wireless network that allows for increased flexibility and security when accessing the campus wireless network. WPA utilizes the 802.1x wireless technology. This document will detail how to configure Windows Vista to connect to this network.


Previous Users

If you connected to the TAMUlink-WPA network before March 10, 2008 you will want to simply delete the existing wireless connection and start over. If you have never connected before, please skip to the next section.


1. From the "Start" menu, choose Control Panel and select Network and Internet [fig. 01].

Figure 1: Select Network and Internet

[fig. 01 - Network and Internet]


2. Select Network and Sharing Center [fig. 02].

Figure 2: Select Network and Sharing Center

[fig. 02 - Network and Sharing Center]


3. On the left-hand "Tasks" pane, choose Manage Wireless Networks. Then click Remove to delete the old connection [fig. 03].

Manage Wireless Networks

[fig. 03 - Manage Wireless Networks]


4. Close this box, and go to the next section.




1. Look at the bottom-right corner of your "Desktop." Right-click on the wireless icon, and choose Connect to a network. Highlight tamulink-wpa and press Connect [fig. 04].

Selecting Tamulink-WPA

[fig. 04 - Selecting TAMUlink-WPA]


2. You will then be prompted to enter additional information. Choose the first option [fig. 05].

Prompt for Additional Info

[fig. 05 - Prompt For Additional Information]


3. Enter your NetID for the Username field and your NetID password for the Password field then press OK [fig. 06].

Note:  Make sure to enter your NetID in all lowercase characters.

Figure 1`: Use NetID and Password to Login

[fig 06 - NetID and NetID Password]


4. You may now be prompted for additional information again. Choose the first option, then press OK at the "Validate Server Certificate" message [fig. 07].

Validating Server Certificate

[fig. 07 - Validating Server Certificate]


5. After a few seconds, you will be presented with a screen that notifies you of your successful connection [fig. 08].

Successful Connection

[fig. 08 - Successful Connection]

If you have any further questions, please email or call us at 979.845.8300.

Document ID 763
February 6, 2015
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