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eduroam is a world-wide access service that allows individuals from member institutions to connect to wireless networks at other member institutions. Connect to eduroam using your login credentials provided to you by your home institution. More information about eduroam and a list of participating institutions can be found at the eduroam website.

eduroam provides general Internet access for those connected to it. If you need to access resources at Texas A&M University or other institutions that are protected by a network firewall or are otherwise not directly accessible from the Internet, you need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution provided to you by your home institution.

Download the eduroam Companion app to find eduroam locations near you.


For visitors to Texas A&M

Texas A&M's eduroam network uses 802.1x authentication with WPA2-Enterprise security. Take into account the following information:

  • Connect to the eduroam SSID instead of the tamulink-wpa SSID.

  • Your login name is in the format Loginname@institution. For example:

Note: If you are unsure what your login name should be, please contact your home institution.


Automatic configuration of the eduroam network is available for users of iOS, OS X, and Windows 7.

  • iOS users can click here to configure eduroam using a mobile configuration file.

  • OS X users can click here and download the congiguration file. Double-clicking the file will install it.

  • Windows 7 users can click here to download the configuration executable. Double-click the downloaded file to configure.


Guests from eduroam member institutions can use the eduroam network at Texas A&M as soon as they arrive. They do not need sponsorship from a Texas A&M department, nor do they need to contact the Identity Management Office to have a temporary guest account assigned to them.


For Texas A&M Faculty, Staff and Students Visiting Other eduroam Members

Setup for eduroam is identical to setting up a connection for our campus tamulink-wpa network, details of which can be found on this site at the following links (Linux, Macintosh, Mobile Devices, Windows). The only difference is that your username should be in the format For example:

Note: For Texas A&M students, faculty and staff, eduroam is not a replacement for tamulink-wpa. It does not provide identical access as tamulink-wpa and should not be used while you are on the Texas A&M campus. Please use tamulink-wpa instead, so that you can have full access to university resources.




When should I connect to the eduroam network?

We recommend that you connect to the eduroam network before you leave your home institution. Because eduroam authentication is handled by your home institution, and not the institution you are visiting, it is best to make sure that any authentication issues are resolved before leaving for an extended period of time.


I have returned from another eduroam institution, and now I cannot connect to my non-eduroam wireless network.

Most operating systems such as Windows, OS X, and Linux will allow you to prioritize the order in which your computer will attempt to connect to wireless networks. By prioritizing your local non-eduroam network (for example tamulink-wpa at Texas A&M University) above eduroam, your computer will attempt to connect to your normal wireless network before it attempts to connect to the eduroam network.


My computer or other device will not let me change the connection priority of wireless networks.

Some computers and many mobile devices (such as the iPhone) will not allow you to change the priority of network connections, or they will automatically set the most recently used network name to the top of the priority.. In this case, they will simply connect to the most recently used network name if it is available. If it is not available, it will try to connect to any network known by the device in alphabetical order until it successfully connects to one. If the eduroam network name is alphabetically ahead of your normal network (such as tamulink-wpa), you will need to remove the network from the known network list on your computer or device. Your home institution's IT help desk should be able to assist you with this.

If you have any further questions, please email or call us at 979-845-8300.

Document ID 119
August 29, 2013
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