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Installing ZoneAlarm Firewall (Free Version)

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ZoneAlarm Firewall (Free Version) is a free alternative to the Windows firewall.  The purpose of this firewall is to prevent applications that you are unaware of from accessing system and Internet resources.  This firewall allows users to customize access privileges for applications in whatever way they feel is appropriate.  The purpose of this document is to help you download and install ZoneAlarm Firewall (Free Version).

This document is divided into the following sections:

  1. Downloading ZoneAlarm Firewall (Free Version)
  2. Installing ZoneAlarm Firewall (Free Version)


Downloading ZoneAlarm Firewall (Free Version)


1. Go to and select Download under "ZoneAlarm Firewall (Free Version)" [fig. 01].

Download ZoneAlarm Firewall

[fig. 01 - Download ZoneAlarm Firewall]


2. Select Save [fig. 02].

Save File

[fig. 02 - Save File]


3. Open the file that you just downloaded [fig. 03].

Open File

[fig. 03 - Open File]


Installing ZoneAlarm Firewall (Free Version)


1. Select Next to begin the installation process [fig. 04].

Begin Installation

[fig. 04 - Begin Installation]


2. Enter your name in the first blank, select Next [fig. 05].

Note: If you would like to register the product, enter your email address in the second blank and check the "Inform me about product updates and security news. We will keep your email address confidential."

ZoneAlarm Registration

[fig. 05 - ZoneAlarm Registration]


3. Check the "I accept the terms of the preceding License Agreement" box and select Install [fig. 06].

Accept License Agreement

[fig. 06 - Accept License Agreement]


4. Select the Default radio button to allow ZoneAlarm to perform a quick scan on your computer. This scan will search for software necessary to browse the Internet [fig. 07].

Note: Registration is not required to update ZoneAlam Firewall (Free Edition)