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Installing AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is a virus protection software available free of charge for home users. This document explains how to download and install the AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition software.

Downloading AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

1. Download AVG 9.0 Anti-Virus Free Edition from: and select Download Now [fig. 01].

Figure 1: Download link.

[fig. 01 - Download Link]

2. You will now be prompted to save the file. Click Save [fig. 02].

Save file

[fig. 02 - Save File]

3. After download is complete, locate the file from the save location and click the icon [fig. 03].

Saved file.

[fig. 03 - AVG Icon]

Installing AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

1. If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, you will be prompted with the "User Account Control" notice, click Continue to proceed [fig. 04].

User Account control

[fig. 04 - User Account Control]

2. You will now be presented with the "AVG Download Manager." Choose your desired Language and click Next to continue [fig. 05].

Click Next

[fig. 05 - AVG Download Manager]

3. The next step will notify you that the installation is beginning [fig. 06].

Waiting MEssage

[fig. 06 - Waiting Message]

4. On the next step, choose the Basic protection option and then click Next to continue [fig. 07].

Choose Basic and Next

[fig. 07 - Choose Basic Protection]

5. AVG Anti-Virus Free will now begin to install [fig. 08].

Note: This step may take a few minutes.

Install should begin and look like this.

[fig. 08 - Begin Installation]

6. After finishing the initial installation, you will be prompted with the "AVG License Agreement." Read the agreement, check the box an continue by pressing Next [fig. 09].

Accept license agreement

[fig. 09 - License Agreement]

7. Installation will now continue with a new progress bar [fig. 10].

Progress bar

[fig. 10 - Continue Installation]

8. After the progress bar finishes you will be prompted with the "Select Installation Type" screen. Choose Standard Installation and click Next [fig. 11].

Choose Standard Installation

[fig. 11 - Standard Installation]

9. You will now be prompted to "Activate your AVG Free License." Click Next to activate your license and continue [fig. 12].

Press Next to activate

[fig. 12 - Activate Your AVG License]

10. You will now be presented with the "AVG Security Toolbar" screen. Uncheck both toolbar options and click Next  to continue [fig. 13].

Note: You may check the boxes to install additional features, but this is an unnecessary step.

Uncheck both boxes and click next

[fig. 13 - AVG Security Toolbar Screen]

11. You will now be prompted to close any open web browsers. Once they close, click Next to continue [fig. 14].

Close Firefox and Internet Explorer

[fig. 14 - Close Other Applications Screen]

12. Installation will now continue [fig. 15].

Note: This step may take several minutes.

install will continue

[fig. 15 - Installation Will Continue]

13. After installation is complete you will be presented with the "AVG protection configuration is complete" screen. Check the I agree... box. If you would like to receive email updates, type your email into the field provided. Click Finish, then click Yes when prompted to restart your computer [fig. 16].

Leave checked and finish

[fig. 16 - Finish Installation]

14. Once the computer restarts,  you will be prompted with the the "AVG Optimization Scan" screen, choose Optimize scanning now (recommended). AVG will then perform a scan on your computer to check for any problems that may exist [fig. 17].

Optimize scanning

[fig. 17 - Optimize Scanning]

15. AVG Anti-Virus Free is now installed an running on your PC.

If you have any further questions, please email or call us at 979.845.8300.

Document ID 796
June 30, 2014
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