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Installing McAfee VirusScan for Windows Vista and Windows 7

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McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Edition is a virus protection software provided free of charge to students through Texas A&M's Software Evaluation and Licensing Library (SELL). If you have not already ordered it through the SELL, you will need to go to http://software.tamu.edu/ to obtain a copy of the software.

Note: If you have a previous version of McAfee installed or already have virus protection software such as Norton Anti-Virus installed, you will need to uninstall it before continuing the installation of McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Edition.


Getting Started (Obtaining McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Edition)

Once you have placed your order to obtain McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Edition from the SELL, you should receive an e-mail to the email account you specified on the software website within one hour that will contain the link you will need to follow in order to download the software. After you follow the link you will need to save the target file to an easy-to-find location on your computer, such as the "Desktop."


Installing McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Edition


1. The file that was emailed to you is a "zip-file" and needs to be extracted before it can be used. Navigate to where you saved the zip-file, right-click on the file, and select Extract All. You will be prompted to extract the folder to a location of your choice, which by default will be the same location as the zip-file itself [fig. 01].

[Fig. 1 - Extract zip-file]

[fig. 01 - Extract .zip File]


2. Now that you have the McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Edition installation folder saved to your system, simply navigate to the location where you saved the folder, which by default should be named "VSE870LMLRP2," and double-click on the file [fig. 02].

[Fig. 2 - VSE870LMLRP2 Folder]

[fig. 02 - VSE870LMLRP2 Folder]


3. You will now be presented with a screen displaying contents of the file. Simply double-click on the SetupVSE file shown within the window to start the installation process [fig. 03].

[Fig. 3 - VSE870LMLRP2 File List]

[fig. 03 - VSE870LMLRP2 File List]


4. You will now be prompted by the "User Account Control" screen to "Continue" or "Cancel." Click Continue to go ahead with the installation process [fig 04].

[Fig. 4 - Security Prompt]

[fig. 04 - Security Prompt]


5. After the McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Edition installation process begins as shown below, click Next to continue [fig. 05].

[Fig. 5- Welcome to McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Edition]

[fig. 05- Welcome to McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Edition]


6. You should now see the "McAfee End User License Agreement" screen. Choose Perpetual in the "License expiry type" field and United States in the "Location where purchased and used." Select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click the OK to continue [fig. 06].

[Fig. 6 - License Agreement]

[fig. 06 - License Agreement]


7. You will now be presented with the "Select Setup Type" screen. Choose Typical for the setup type and click Next to continue [fig. 07].

[Fig. 7 - Setup Type]

[fig. 07 - Setup Type]


8. You will now be presented with the "Select Access Protection Level" screen. Select Standard Protection and click Next to continue [fig. 08].

[Fig. 8 - Access Protection Level]

[fig. 08 - Access Protection Level]


9. Click Install to start the installation [fig. 09].

[Fig. 9 - Ready to Install]

[fig. 09 - Ready to Install]


10. After the installation process has finished, you will be given a choice to check for available McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Edition updates. It is highly recommended that you choose to check for available updates if you are already connected to the Internet. You can do this by clicking the check box next to "Update Now." You may also choose to automatically run an on-demand scan after McAfee has finished updating by clicking the check box next to "Run On-Demand Scan." Click Finish [fig. 10].

[Fig. 10 - Update McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Edition]

[fig. 10 - Update McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Edition]


11. Once the McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Edition has finished updating and scanning you may close the update and on-demand scan windows.

If you have any further questions, please email helpdesk@tamu.edu or call us at 979.845.8300.

Document ID 983
October 9, 2013
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