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Setting up Open Text HostExplorer 14

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The purpose of this document is to provide instructions on how to set up Open Text HostExplorer 14.


1. In order to access TAMU's only true mainframe, you will need to set up a connection profile first. Double-Click the icon on your desktop [fig. 01].

Open Text Icon

[fig. 01 - Icon]


2. After opening the folder, double-click on the icon labeled HostExlporer [fig. 02].


[fig. 02 - HostExplorer Icon]


3. A window titled "Open Session" will appear. In the top right, click Create New Profile [fig. 03].

Create New Profile

[fig. 03 - Create New Profile]


4. Type in TAMMVS1 in the “Profile Name" box. Type in for the “Host Name” and then confirm that the port number is 992. Next, click on the Properties button [fig. 04].

New Profile Configuration

[fig. 04 - Properties]


5. Open the "Security" menu by clicking on the + symbol on the left. Then select General. Click on the SSL/TLS radio button [fig. 05].


[fig. 05 - Session Profile]


6. Open the "Keyboard" menu and select General. Uncheck Ignore NumLock state. If you do not do this, you will be unable to use your numeric keypad. Click OK to save your profile and then OK again to close the "New Profile" configuration window [fig. 06].


[fig. 06 - General Settings]


7. When you open up your "Open Text HostExplorer 14" and click on HostExplorer, you should see an additional icon in the "Open Session" window [fig. 07].

New Connection

[fig. 07 - HostExplorer Icon]


8. Double click on the icon named TAMMVS1 to get your mainframe login screen [fig. 08].


[fig. 08 - TAMMVS1 Login]

If you have any further questions, please email or call us at 979.845.8300.

Document ID 1252
June 22, 2014
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