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Change IE Security Settings to Enable File Downloads

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By default, Internet Explorer 7 and 7 block file downloads from web sites. If you are enrolled in a course in eLearning, sometimes you may see the message on your browser in the screenshot below while you are trying to open/save a file in a format such as Word, PowerPoint, PDF, or Excel.

This message alerts a user when a file is blocked. This feature may prevent you from being able to download a file from eLearning. To avoid this situation, you need to configure your IE Security Settings to enable automatic prompting for file download [fig. 01].

info bar

[fig. 01 - Blocked Site Message]


1. Open Internet Explorer. In the "Tools" drop-down menu, select Internet Options [fig. 02].

Internet options

[fig. 02 - Tools Menu]


2. You will now be presented with the "Internet Options" screen. Under the "Security tab," click Custom Level... [fig. 03].

Security Tab

[fig. 03 - Custom Level...]


3. You will now be presented with the "Security Settings" panel, scroll down to the "Downloads" section. Under the "Automatic prompting for file downloads" subheading, click Enable. Choose Enable under the "File download" subheading as well. Then click OK to confirm the security settings have been changed on your browser [fig. 04].

Enable Download

[fig. 04 - Security Settings Panel]


5. Close all of your active browser sessions for the changes to take effect. Open a new browser window and log in to elearning. Now you should able to download/save a file from your course homepage.

Example: A PowerPoint file has been posted on the course homepage in elearning. When you click on it you should now be able to see the screen message that allows you either save or open the PowerPoint file [fig. 05].

Successful download

[fig. 05 - File Example]

If you have any further questions, please email or call us at 979-845-8300.

Document ID 925
September 25, 2014
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