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HDC Quick Support Tool

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The HDC Quick Support Tool allows the Help Desk Central technician to see your desktop and control your computer while assisting you.  By downloading and running this tool, you are giving the technician permission to work with your computer in the scope of solving your problem.

Your rights in regards to this service:

  • You may request the technician simply view your desktop while you control the mouse and perform the action that he/she suggests.
  • You may request the technician end the remote desktop session at any time or close the HDC Quick Support Tool yourself (which will immediately end your session).
  • You may ask the technician any question about what they are doing with your computer.
  • The technician will avoid taking any actions outside the scope of helping you with your technical issue.

Our expectations from you:

  • Please observe the technician's action so you may learn to do it yourself in the future.
  • Do not ask the technician to do anything illegal.  The technician has the right to refuse to do something he or she feels is inappropriate.
  • Do not invite the technician to use the quick support tool on a computer that is not yours or one that you do not have permission to make changes.

Download the HDC Quick Support Tool

Windows version

Mac version

Document ID 1235
February 14, 2012
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