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Forward Campus VoIP Phones During Fiber Repairs

Published: December 13, 2011

Repairs of network fiber damaged by a steam pipe rupture will begin on Dec. 17 and will take approximately five days. Campus voice-over-IP (VoIP) phones will not work during the repairs. See the list of buildings with VoIP phones.

Calls to campus VoIP phones can be forwarded to a non-VoIP phone or cell phone using the following instructions. If you need assistance, please call Telecommunications at 979.845.1020, so we can set up the forwarding for you.

Activate Call Forwarding

1. Lift the handset or press New Call.

2. Dial *121 for Always Activation OR *141 for No Answer Activation.

3. Press Send (or # if you have a two-line phone).

4. Enter the number where you want the calls to transfer, followed by #.

The phone will prompt you that call forwarding was set up correctly.

Campus Buildings with VoIP Phones

Emerging Technologies Building

Mitchell Physics

Mitchell Institute

Williams Alumni Center - Association of Former Students

YMCA Building

Utilities Central Office (Laundry)

Teague Building

Rudder Tower – Entire 2nd Floor, Bill Cox area on 1st floor

Zachry – Half of 3rd Floor

Heldenfels – Instructional Technology Services only

Garden Apartments - All buildings

Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building – Entire building, except Board of Regents

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