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Installing Matlab 2008a

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After obtaining the installation media, File Installation Key, and license username and password from the SELL, begin the installation process. Download the license.dat file from http://sell-lm.tamu.edu/, using the username and password provided to you.

Once the installation media copies necessary files to your computer, the installation prompts will begin. Pay careful attention to these, as the default or recommended options will not work properly for network licenses.


1. Choose Install manually without using the Internet and click Next [fig. 01].

Figure 1

[fig. 01 - Install Manually]


2. Agree to the license, as prompted, and click Next.


3. From the license download page, copy and paste the "File Installation Key" and click Next [fig. 02].

Figure 2

[fig. 02 - Copy and Paste]


3. For most, selecting the "Typical" installation type and clicking Next will be sufficient. If you select to customize your installation, do so on this screen [fig. 03].

Figure 3

[fig. 03 - Typical Installation]


4. Next, choose your installation directory and click Next.  A default is suggested for you. If the installation directory you choose does not exist, you will be prompted to create it [fig. 04].

Figure 4

[fig. 04 - Folder Selection]


5. Next, browse to the location where you saved your license file and click Next [fig. 05].

Figure 5

[fig. 05 - File Location]


6. Review and confirm your installation settings, then click Install [fig. 06].

Figure 6

[fig. 06 - Confirm Settings]


7. Throughout the installation process, which can take up to an hour, you may be prompted to confirm file associations and acknowledge other actions the installer is taking.  An example is pictured in Figure 7.  The installer will provide a final summary of additional actions you may need to take, if necessary, and declare installation complete [fig. 07].

Figure 7

[fig. 07 - Confirm File Association]

If you have any further questions, please email helpdesk@tamu.edu or call us at 979.845.8300.

Document ID 855
October 9, 2013
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