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MySpeed is a java applet that enables you to quickly and easily provide broadband speed testing to your end users. MySpeed can use your existing web server as the only server side code -- a huge plus in many secured environments that do not allow server applications to be installed.

Quick Start: Extract all of the files from the downloaded trial kit and place into a folder on your web server. Then view this readme.html file on your web server using your web browser (eg: http://yourserver/myspeed/readme.html) and start playing around with the many MySpeed usage examples included in this kit.

MySpeed Professional: The professional version of MySpeed includes server-side enhanced reporting with session id / name tracking, continuous testing capabilities, and GUI branding. A key component of the professional version is the addition of the MySpeedServer.war Java Servlet server-side application for added functionality and increased test accuracy.

Deploying MySpeed: After reviewing MySpeed on your web server (see Quick Start above), you have some decisions to make before deploying MySpeed onto a production server:
  • Web Server: While MySpeed will work on almost any web server, the Apache web server is preferred and recommended since it provides the most accurate upload test results (details).

  • data.bin size: We recommend replacing the kit 1.2 MB data.bin file with a 10 MB file that you create (instructions). This improves the HTTP download speed test results for clients on broadband connections.

  • HTTP vs socket tests: By default, MySpeed will use your web server as the only server side software to perform HTTP download and upload speed tests. This works very well up to around 100 Mbps for downloads and 10 Mbps for uploads. However, by installing the MySpeedServer.war Java Servlet (a MySpeed Professional feature), you gain 'socket' based download and upload speed tests, which works well past 100 Mbps for both downloads and uploads.

  • Reporting: By installing the MySpeedServer.war Java Servlet (a MySpeed Professional feature), you gain server-side reporting. Add end users names, or any other text identifier you choose, into reports by using the Session ID / Name feature.

  • INI settings: There are many optional configuration parameters within MySpeed which can be set or changed to fully modify the MySpeed GUI (colors, text strings, etc). Edit the Myspeed myspeed.bin INI file (a 16-bit Unicode file) using notepad.exe (Windows) or vi (Unix) and review the comments in the file for help. Please note that you can override individual myspeed.bin settings on a case by case basis by using the HTML applet param tag. Just review the HTML source code of our usage examples to see how this is done.

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Purchase a License: During your trial of MySpeed, you will see an 'unlicensed' banner message. Licensed versions of MySpeed do not display this message. Purchase information.

Support: If your question is not answered by the MySpeed FAQ please contact us using our support request form.